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How does your leadership story start? Where will it end?

Are you following someone else’s script, or are you writing it yourself?

Welcome to Executive Storylines; empowering professionals and leaders to step into their full potential by providing personalized coaching and training services.

Are you a communicator who needs ChatGPT Integration guidance for your teams? Are you a leader who needs to raise your profile and become a digital content creator? Do you need to improve your visibility, raise your profile, or are you ready to start your corporate podcast?

Executive Storylines works with individuals or teams to drive performance and engagement. Together, we identify your unique strengths and areas for development and create reasonable plans to overcome challenges achieve your goals.

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Dr R. Williams, NHS Stress Management

“I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona’s presentation at the Hr Network conference yesterday. Some really useful advice which I know I can use with my clients.”


“I loved Fiona’s presentation! Hugely engaging!”

Engage your teams.

Companies with high levels of employee engagement are 21% more profitable, report 41% lower absenteeism. Their employees are more likely to stay with a company and, most importantly, provide better customer service.

Great leaders inspire their teams to be their best at work. But they might be underperforming, disconnected or reactive. Engage, connect and grow your team into a high-functioning working unit that collaborates seamlessly and joyfully.

Understand the importance of framing, safety, growth-for-good and positive benchmarking. Expertly use the tactics of gamification, strategic hilarity and team building with results.

Harter (2022) “Employee Engagement vs. Employee Satisfaction and Organizational Culture” Gallup Workplace.

Photo by Randy Fath from unsplash

K. Male, Roffey Park Institute 

“Really inspiring keynote at #hrnc23 from the amazing Fiona Passantino on how to be engaged, focused, and how to prioritise the ‘human’ in ‘human resources’. I especially loved how she talked about real fun vs forced fun at work, so much of it resonated with me!”

S. Sachdeva, University of Strathclyde

“Great keynote by Fiona Passantino about how one can drive engagement in jobs with lower autonomy, or lower org commitment. Her thoughts on gamification and encouraging a healthy competition to foster performance as well as engagement in such jobs is a very interesting approach.”

Are you the best leader you can be?

Become a high-visibility leader. Learn to raise your profile within your current organization or in the industry at large. Understand the power of silence and presence, and build your brand with intention to get noticed.

Content creation; whether you are putting out a regular podcast to your employees or educating your clients, make the socials work for you. Learn how to execute on audio, visual, video, reels, cards and more to become a master of media.

Onboard your newcomers effectively, so no one misses the information, encouragement and support to make a great start. Learn the tools you need to develop and execute on an effective, sustainable plan.

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Dr R. Williams, NHS Stress Management

“I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona’s presentation at the Hr Network conference yesterday. Some really useful advice which I know I can use with my clients.”


“I loved Fiona’s presentation! Hugely engaging!”

Present your story in a way that lands, that is memorable and impactful.

Whether you are presenting live or online, making powerful presentations is an essential part of high-visibility leadership.

Upgrade your deck to a visual masterpiece, to tell your story in a way that delights. Deliver your presentations with conviction and presence with the tips and tricks of the master storytellers.

Publish your thought leadership pieces and make a statement in your industry. Learn how often, where and how to build your reputation as an expert in the field, as a published author. Learn how to write structured pieces, weaving in discipline and cadence, and write with power and purpose.

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F. Martin, National HR Network Awards, Glasgow Caledonian University

“Fiona was brilliant. I really enjoyed the visuals and the insights. Evidence based, inspiring and practical – thank you!”

C. Moore, INSEAD

“I loved this from Fiona Passantino We all talk about encouraging a diverse range of opinions but that can mean we need to learn to handle creative Rebels.”

How do you like to work? There are many ways to get started.

Hourly consultation
One-off sessions on location to explore and roadmap specific culture, engagement and communication challenges. These methods are in-person or online.

Private Professional coaching
One-on-one executive coaching for leaders on the move. A 6–8-month journey consisting of weekly sessions. Exploring and overcoming professional impediments, growing into an inspiring leader.

Keynote speaking
From 5 to 50 minutes. Keynote, panel, lecture or facilitation to introduce and animate any engagement topic for any occasion.

Group training, coaching, workshops
Team-strengthening sessions, in-company group training for 5-25 people. Highly interactive, tailor-designed for specific topics and goals. Full-day sessions incorporate additional trainer specialists.

Embedded in-company work
What is the state of your current organizational culture? What are the barriers to employee connectivity, communication and engagement? An in-depth 6–8-month examination of the current cultural climate for a sustained result.

Onboarding Design
The quality of organizational onboarding is the most important indicator determining employee loyalty, engagement and length of stay. This 6-8-month working project examines the quality and effectiveness of current onboarding practices and maps joiner personas to a re-designed journey map.

Photo by Peter Herrmann on Unsplash

A. A. Sheikh, Strand Solicitors
“Fiona Passantino, thank you for your fantastic and engaging presentation! Thoroughly enjoyed the event and the presentations by all the speakers at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium.”

P. Deaken, CMI
“I really enjoyed Fiona’s session in particular; I’ve already used the ‘flow’ concept in two conversations already – one with my son and one with a friend.”

H. Simpkins, Senior Internal Communications Business Partner AXA UK
“Thank you Fiona for a really thought provoking session. Left me with a lot of thoughts around the role of AI in speeding up what we do, and how we can use it to improve the visual nature of our messages. It’s always been the costliest part of comms to create visually engaging stories but as you say Fiona, so much opportunity if we do.”


Can't think of where to start?

  • Employee Engagement: Inspire and Connect Working Teams
  • Improve Internal Communications
  • Towards More Connected Communities
  • Presenting with Power: Storytelling Design and Delivery for Leaders
  • Increasing Your Visibility as a Leader
  • Mastering Leadership Content Creation, from Podcasts to Thought Leadership
  • ChatGPT Integration for Communicators
  • Visible Leadership Strategies and Approaches Visible
  • Building In-House Coaching Departments
  • Creating Flow for Focused Teams
  • Ritual Auditing and Conscious Workload Reduction
  • Planning Infusing Joy and Laughter to Increase Creativity, Resilience and Performance
  • Onboarding Re-imagination for Long-Term Success
  • Communication of Change and Transition Management
  • Roadmap for Effective Listening
  • Storytelling for Teams and Leaders
  • Recycle not Re-Org: Strategies for People-centered Change

Photo by Tom Chen on Unsplash

A. Killick, Leading Kind
“Thank you again for a fantastic presentation.”

S. Kincaid, Leading Kind
“I really enjoyed Fiona’s presentation (and her boots!). I will definitely be taking some learnings on conscious workload reduction back to my team. I intend to keep up with her work.”

A. MacDonald, Coaching Culture Ltd.
“I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona’s session; it was extremely thought provoking (I was quoting some of her stats to my partner last night around burnout as he works too hard!).”

Fiona wrote the book on Employee Engagement. She is a Culture, Engagement and Communication specialist, helping leaders and teams improve communication, listening, mentoring, visibility, authenticity, connection and community. Focused, guided work, on-on-one or in groups help form conversations, build bridges, create new habits to inspire, connect and engage.

She has worked for some of the largest multinationals in Europe in Culture and Engagement, Internal Communications and Employee Wellness and is passionate about helping organizations large and small strengthen their working communities, form conversations and support purpose-driven teams to keep people onboard and rowing together.

Fiona is the author of the Comic Books for Executives series on “communication” and “engagement”. She is a frequent speaker, trainer, coach, blogger, podcaster and YouTuber, and more recently, radio host.

Photo by Renée Tentor

G. Hunter, The Chartered Banker Institute
“I was great listening to Fiona’s keynote presentation yesterday! I was thoroughly taken by what she had to say and really got me thinking about my own organisations short comings (and positive aspects!) with regards to focus and engagement! Absolutely delighted to have been introduced to her and her work. Thank you!”

N. Tukur, Leading Kind
“I’ll have to say one of my favourite speakers was Fiona Passantino who had the most engaging animated presentation.”

W. de Ruijter Executive Director VMAGROUP
***** (5/5 stars) “Stimulating, to the point, with humor.”


Schedule an intake so we can assess your needs and map out your goals for the year. An intake can be live or virtual, and generally take 30-50 minutes of your time.

Preparation requires filling in a 15-minute questionnaire so we can make the best use of your time.

There’s always time for coffee. Contact Fiona for an initial consultation.

    Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

    S. Macfarlane, SSEN 
    “Fiona, thank you for such an engaging session this morning at the conference, you really brought the subject to life. I look forward to reading your book soon also!!”

    Dr. A. Egan, Chief Executive Officer, Roffey Park International 
    “Great talk, Fiona; very inspirational.”


    E. Talgorn, Senior Design Strategist Philips Experience
    ***** (5/5 stars)
    “Fiona coordinated internal communication and engagement efforts at Philips Design with strong hands-on knowledge and a positive attitude. In particular, we worked together on creating a storytelling course aimed at designers and innovators for pitching their projects. She brought insightful and targeted content on story ingredients and structure, but she also impressed me with her use of narratives and visuals to make the course engaging, and her mesmerising presentation skills.”


    AUGUST 2023

    AUGUST 25
    Fiona gives the keynote about AI integration for Marketing and Communication professionals at Female Ventures in Delft to kick off their autumn networking event.

    AUGUST 23
    “Keynote: AI-Integration Strategy for Communication Professionals”; Fiona gives the keynote on AI strategy for non-technical professionals in Stockholm, Sweden.

    AUGUST 16
    “Taming Urgency: Strategies For Managing High-Pressure Work Environments” article by Fiona Passantino, posted on HR.com.

    JULY 2023

    JULY 16 Fiona Passantino guest appearance on “Talking Leadership TV” Author of the Handbook for Post-COVID Engagement (comic books for executives series), the discussion was the issue of disengagement in a post-COVID workplace and the importance of communication among leaders.

    JULY 11
    Engage Employee Host Dave D’Arcy catches up with Fiona Passantino discussing the effect that AI has on the workplace of today and the future.

    JULY 10
    “High Visibility Leadership” guest article by Fiona Passantino, posted on HR.com.

    JULY 3
    Fiona gave a keynote at the Berlin WeConect conference on internal communications, discussing Radical Listening and Employee Engagement.

    JUNE 2023

    JUNE 28

    Fiona’s article “The Real Cost of Employee Disengagement” is featured on the Engage Employee blog as a guest post.

    JUNE 27

    Fiona Passantino spoke about AI Integration Strategy at the The Internal Communications Conference in London at the British Medical Association House,

    JUNE 26

    “You and Your Creative Rebel”  on Den Haag FM Radio Dutch Buzz and The Future of Work with Fiona Passantino. Listen live: https://www.denhaagfm.nl/ 

    JUNE 13

    Den Haag FM Radio Dutch Buzz presents “The Future of Work” with Fiona Passantino in a Urgency Management from 21:00 – 22:00 CET. Listen live: https://www.denhaagfm.nl/ 

    JUNE 9

    JUNE 7

    Fiona joins the panel on Unleashing Innovation In Internal Digital Communications in Amsterdam to discuss Employee Engagement, Leadership and Collaboration. https://unleash-digitalcoms.com/

    JUNE 5 & 9

    Making ChatGPT Work for You: A Crash Course for Academics and Educators

    Educational and policy leaders today need to be visible; produce meaningful thought leadership content for internal and external audiences at the end of a long day. ChatGPT can help raise your profile and get your message out. Webinar, 30-min sessions https://forms.office.com/r/uWkAJZtWR9

    MAY 2023

    JULY 2023

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    Training, coaching and consulting for professionals in engagement, culture and communication.

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